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  • Marc

    Marc 85e60c78160d6586be912dc6b6ee05535966a0e5

    Merge branch '3.3.x'

  • Marc

    Marc d365f17ebde1cf3e57b4749bf91e2c9e7592fb7f m

    Merge pull request #6621 from danieltj27/ticket/17320
    [ticket/17320] Remove unused js code from prosilver

  • Daniel James <>

    Daniel James <> e850915190ab2907845b8a5c8dac5ff5ff0045ba m

    [ticket/17320] Remove unused js code from prosilver
    The forum_fn.js file contained a small block of code
    that was commented out so there is no need to keep it
    in the codebase, especially as it was a fix for IE8
    and older browsers.


    • phpBB/styles/prosilver/template/forum_fn.js (version e850915190ab2907845b8a5c8dac5ff5ff0045ba)