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  • Marc

    Marc 4b206ee28bd6766f93739b8613244d8e9b6e3fb6

    Merge branch '3.3.x'

  • Marc

    Marc 7f11c1b46dffae4e4a43f09374e1dfad7b58f34c m

    Merge pull request #6624 from battye/ticket/16553
    [ticket/16553] Fix for General Error when approving/disapproving a reported post through the MCP

  • battye <>

    battye <> 6f345e43cbf4ac7c7bea294aaf64e603c82bde33 m

    [ticket/16553] Change double quotes to single quotes

    • phpBB/includes/mcp/mcp_reports.php (version 6f345e43cbf4ac7c7bea294aaf64e603c82bde33)
  • battye <>

    battye <> 874fb7bf8ae5a228bd8427657f139551a4397fa1 m

    [ticket/16553] Use env variables in Codespaces for server name

    • .devcontainer/resources/phpbb-config.yml (version 874fb7bf8ae5a228bd8427657f139551a4397fa1)
    • .devcontainer/resources/ (version 874fb7bf8ae5a228bd8427657f139551a4397fa1)
  • battye <>

    battye <> 558b8ae7edc90e05e949dbb47706820d70d444a6 m

    [ticket/16553] Fix approve reported posts bug
    Fixes the module not accessible error when trying to approve a reported post.


    • phpBB/includes/mcp/mcp_post.php (version 558b8ae7edc90e05e949dbb47706820d70d444a6)
    • phpBB/includes/mcp/mcp_reports.php (version 558b8ae7edc90e05e949dbb47706820d70d444a6)
    • phpBB/styles/prosilver/template/mcp_post.html (version 558b8ae7edc90e05e949dbb47706820d70d444a6)