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  • Marc

    Marc cf603f70253d4ecef8b7609c2f4cc73b695365ce

    Merge branch '3.2.x'

  • Marc

    Marc 877760ef9805be8b431c2fe43ef6ab38c07ec02d m

    Merge branch '3.1.x' into 3.2.x

  • Marc

    Marc ca9e3eb5282a933237636baf7e92a6b072baf477 m

    Merge pull request #4815 from kasimi/ticket/15187
    [ticket/15187] Add paths of newly enabled extensions to template

  • kasimi <>

    kasimi <> 5808c9fae1dad98a88a02e5b43c4c45f93e3b0b7 m

    [ticket/15187] Use $this->template property

    • phpBB/includes/acp/acp_extensions.php (version 5808c9fae1dad98a88a02e5b43c4c45f93e3b0b7)
  • kasimi <>

    kasimi <> bc404a3701a4f746fbd161d3f550e2f32fda3a7c m

    [ticket/15187] Add ACP style after enabling an extension

    • phpBB/includes/acp/acp_extensions.php (version bc404a3701a4f746fbd161d3f550e2f32fda3a7c)
  • kasimi <>

    kasimi <> 0082dd8039aa534ae0d6f4f17622a665e82c6942 m

    [ticket/15187] Reverted commits e6b7def & 90a80b7

    • phpBB/phpbb/extension/manager.php (version 0082dd8039aa534ae0d6f4f17622a665e82c6942)
  • kasimi <>

    kasimi <> 90a80b7b31e94985e53ddccc8a13117c0c4e7fcf m

    [ticket/15187] Fail gracefully if template service is unavailable

    • phpBB/phpbb/extension/manager.php (version 90a80b7b31e94985e53ddccc8a13117c0c4e7fcf)
  • kasimi <>

    kasimi <> e6b7defd3818771d27ab2b3aa0e7d9a8448fc4e7 m

    [ticket/15187] Add paths of newly enabled extensions to template
    When enabling an extension its paths aren't added immediately to
    the template which results in ACP events not being registered in
    the compiled template files.


    • phpBB/phpbb/extension/manager.php (version e6b7defd3818771d27ab2b3aa0e7d9a8448fc4e7)