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  • Marc

    Marc 976d799ff28028c925e0b86b9864abed7409217d

    Merge branch '3.2.x'

  • Marc

    Marc b59073cf3ed54d040aef0f02cb3e5c28fb768b5b m

    Merge pull request #4794 from lr94/ticket/15176
    [ticket/15176] Add setting for user activity display limit.

  • lr94 <>

    lr94 <> aa37e9b7fc60bd443c6abbcdc3adbf28ae010f32 m

    [ticket/15176] Add setting for user activity display limit.
    Up to phpBB 3.2 the maximum number of posts a user must have to have his
    activity shown is 5000. This limit is hardcoded in functions_display.php.
    It would be useful if board administrators could choose to disable the
    limit or to set an higher value.


    • phpBB/includes/acp/acp_board.php (version aa37e9b7fc60bd443c6abbcdc3adbf28ae010f32)
    • phpBB/includes/functions_display.php (version aa37e9b7fc60bd443c6abbcdc3adbf28ae010f32)
    • phpBB/install/schemas/schema_data.sql (version aa37e9b7fc60bd443c6abbcdc3adbf28ae010f32)
    • phpBB/language/en/acp/board.php (version aa37e9b7fc60bd443c6abbcdc3adbf28ae010f32)
    • phpBB/phpbb/db/migration/data/v32x/load_user_activity_limit.php (version aa37e9b7fc60bd443c6abbcdc3adbf28ae010f32)