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  • Marc

    Marc 607077af9a3cf6e4310be6aab7b7500ae3fc9f0d

    Merge branch '3.3.x'

  • Marc

    Marc f5f03d24e9ac04ac9f5ae5896ec04ccdc55ef38c m

    Merge branch '3.2.x' into 3.3.x

  • Marc

    Marc 93a472f08e3d7f5f291ac3c5c8409fbf7f5e0705 m

    Merge pull request #5654 from 3D-I/ticket/16080
    [ticket/16080] ACP - Provide meaningful error msg for deleted installed style

  • 3D-I <>

    3D-I <> 78f0ec8ea75504f53192612ba4f904bc00fd32d2 m

    [ticket/16080] Remove sprintf()

    • phpBB/includes/acp/acp_styles.php (version 78f0ec8ea75504f53192612ba4f904bc00fd32d2)
  • 3D-I <>

    3D-I <> 37de0f96d1c2f52fe8702aa3638cc0f02f577a78 m

    [ticket/16080] Use placeholder

    • phpBB/includes/acp/acp_styles.php (version 37de0f96d1c2f52fe8702aa3638cc0f02f577a78)
    • phpBB/language/en/common.php (version 37de0f96d1c2f52fe8702aa3638cc0f02f577a78)
  • 3D-I <>

    3D-I <> 964c212f031ef7fcbd2e95d28218007830b5d184 m

    [ticket/16080] Provide a meaningful error message for deleted installed style

    • phpBB/includes/acp/acp_styles.php (version 964c212f031ef7fcbd2e95d28218007830b5d184)
    • phpBB/language/en/common.php (version 964c212f031ef7fcbd2e95d28218007830b5d184)
  • 3D-I <>

    3D-I <> 1de4a65e581b43a69c7d40ad705dbf752782fcff m

    [ticket/16080] Change location as it should have been.

    • phpBB/includes/acp/acp_styles.php (version 1de4a65e581b43a69c7d40ad705dbf752782fcff)
    • phpBB/includes/functions.php (version 1de4a65e581b43a69c7d40ad705dbf752782fcff)
  • 3D-I <>

    3D-I <> ebd958c728b6bfe2992e7399c286d05d876454f8 m

    [ticket/16080] Provide a back-trace for deleted installed style
    That's a very edge case, I am using the same approach done in user.php


    • phpBB/includes/functions.php (version ebd958c728b6bfe2992e7399c286d05d876454f8)