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  • Marc

    Marc afa0a91f5deff50fe879e59502d4107dc441ce47

    Merge branch '3.3.x'

  • Marc

    Marc eefd3c01973b36f7bbfa4dcbbf8c311a7251b54e m

    Merge pull request #5523 from toxyy/ticket/15951
    [ticket/15951] Add core events to mcp

  • Marc

    Marc d88dff51fb4c130bb6600a9d2f832295861b7e1f m

    [ticket/15951] Adjust event docblock and update since version

    • phpBB/includes/mcp/mcp_main.php (version d88dff51fb4c130bb6600a9d2f832295861b7e1f)
    • phpBB/mcp.php (version d88dff51fb4c130bb6600a9d2f832295861b7e1f)
  • Alec <>

    Alec <> c903381154ac0c8435a9d06ea7ee1c6b38281127 m

    [ticket/15951] Add requested changes
    Revert changes with $topic_info
    Add $quickmod to the event
    Change since versions to latest


    • phpBB/includes/mcp/mcp_main.php (version c903381154ac0c8435a9d06ea7ee1c6b38281127)
    • phpBB/mcp.php (version c903381154ac0c8435a9d06ea7ee1c6b38281127)
  • Alec <>

    Alec <> 663e611fae7beb140d15a946e54ec758e23c01c9 m

    [ticket/15951] Add core.mcp_delete_topic_modify_hidden_fields
    Allow modification of the hidden fields when deleting topics
    This lets you control the permissions for permanently deleting topics
    Template variables can also be modified at this point


    • phpBB/includes/mcp/mcp_main.php (version 663e611fae7beb140d15a946e54ec758e23c01c9)
  • Alec <>

    Alec <> f4a1d4ef0297c9c23879e3eadc74f1efe2229f1e m

    [ticket/15951] Add core.mcp_delete_topic_modify_permissions
    Allow modification to permissions when deleting topics
    This allows $check_permission to be false in the phpbb_check_ids function call


    • phpBB/includes/mcp/mcp_main.php (version f4a1d4ef0297c9c23879e3eadc74f1efe2229f1e)
  • Alec <>

    Alec <> ebc4912adad643d021df5b0356c99ebb9195d88a m

    [ticket/15951] Add core.mcp_modify_permissions
    Allow non staff to access mcp functions
    This event would allow normal users to delete topics, for example
    If extensions need normal users to access this file they will need this event


    • phpBB/mcp.php (version ebc4912adad643d021df5b0356c99ebb9195d88a)