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  • Marc

    Marc 6980b7656cf11460cca4ac31005b0e28772fe4c1

    Merge branch '3.3.x'

  • Marc

    Marc c62d9e4c05a8a006acd72f17459b8886edfd4f8f m

    Merge pull request #6446 from rubencm/ticket/17082
    [ticket/17082] Remove ability to warn anonymous

  • Rubén Calvo <>

    Rubén Calvo <> 7d29f133e5209edf1087f85ed7334ca09fff0dea m

    [ticket/17082] Remove ability to warn anonymous

    • phpBB/includes/mcp/mcp_notes.php (version 7d29f133e5209edf1087f85ed7334ca09fff0dea)
    • phpBB/includes/mcp/mcp_warn.php (version 7d29f133e5209edf1087f85ed7334ca09fff0dea)