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    Marc e59d7b52411896863f1fbd1a9e7d63800fd40614

    Merge branch '3.3.x'

  • Marc

    Marc 195f6460e0b75090c62c3ba83172b1bd00567e51 m

    Merge branch '3.2.x' into 3.3.x

  • Marc

    Marc e9a6f46bef3a4c6f4868f1812f6893a676419f72 m

    Merge pull request #5996 from marc1706/ticket/16506
    [ticket/16506] Update credits to latest state

  • Marc

    Marc 5331a555f66cc62e623a9ea460ee4c7e8e53fd5a m

    [ticket/16506] Update credits to latest state

    • phpBB/docs/CREDITS.txt (version 5331a555f66cc62e623a9ea460ee4c7e8e53fd5a)