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  • Marc

    Marc b33315f3c802732ce432435aab93aa116030697a

    Merge branch '3.3.x'

  • Marc

    Marc 975ad95bff936951f4712803789f43c4c3ad024b m

    Merge pull request #6281 from paul999/ticket/16865
    [ticket/16865] Update IRC + discord links in composer and documentati…

  • Paul Sohier <>

    Paul Sohier <> 61c59bdc91084bf0ec5a4d3dec72e4e52f692a21 m

    [ticket/16865] Update IRC + discord links in composer and documentation
    Update the links from Freenode to,
    add discord as option to chat in composer.json,
    and remove references to
    (And replace it with links to the development documentation)


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